Saturday, February 14, 2015

Increase Business Traffic Flow With Press Releases

The entrepreneur who relies on 20th Century public relations strategies is destined for failure. No longer do most people pull out a four inch thick yellow pages to find a firm to repair appliances, install roofing, paint their house or sell their home. Today's consumers are younger, more educated and far more likely to use their PC, laptop, smart phone, Android or similar device to hire a business.

Press Releases For Internet Marketing

Many small businesses cannot afford to have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firm create and maintain a high quality multi-page website. Often all that is required to establish a visible presence on the internet for a struggling firm is to have a directory site and backlink it through periodic press releases so that the site ranks well in search engine results.

Often business owners do not hire a press release firm because of unwarranted fears of the high cost of such a service! The writers at Michigan Press Release Services have written hundreds of articles and press releases for small businessmen throughout the United States.

There are many benefits for a firm having a press release submitted to the internet. First, and foremost, it helps boost the search engine rankings of the company’s main website even if that site is from a business directory. Secondly, it provides high quality publicity concerning the company’s mission, products and services. Thirdly, it leaves a lasting impression of the firm’s image or brand. Any entrepreneur who wants his phone to ring should invest in periodic press releases extolling the attributes of his company.
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